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Date : 2019-Nov.-21
Enhanced version of Taxprep

Dear Customer:

We would like to remind you that the enhanced version of Taxprep will be the only available version starting with the next version releases.

With this enhanced version of Taxprep, you can access the same government forms, use the same data entry features, and take advantage of the same time-saving tools, but with all the advantages of a greatly-modernized interface.

Here are some of the enhancements you will notice with the enhanced version:

  • the floating diagnostics pane and an Xpress pane for a less cluttered screen;

  • the enhanced search feature in Taxprep templates that will allow you to save time;

  • the online Help makes it easier to search for information such as the Release Notes and help topics.

To familiarize yourself with the new interface and to help with your transition to the enhanced version of Taxprep, register for the Taxprep – New User interface free live Webinar. In addition to introducing the new look of Taxprep, we will show you where you can find your favourite tools such as the Review Marks, the Monitor and the Client Manager.

Thank you for trusting Taxprep.

Wolters Kluwer Canada