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Date: 2021-Nov.-1
End of support for Microsoft Office 2013 and Microsoft Internet Explorer 11

Dear Customer,

At Wolters Kluwer, our policy is to work with the latest two versions of provider-supported environments that are currently available on the market. While it might not always be possible due to the release dates of our software, our goal is to align our policy with the vendor’s lifecycle policy or support the last two provider versions and discontinue support for any prior version.

To comply with this policy, please be advised that starting in November 2021, Wolters Kluwer will discontinue support for Microsoft Office 2013 and Microsoft Internet Explorer 11. We are informing you of this change in advance to give you ample time to get the latest version of Microsoft Office and familiarize yourself with it.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Technical Support team by phone at 1-800-268-4522 or by e-mail at


Wolters Kluwer Canada

Announcement date: May 6, 2021