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End User License Agreements
The use of any Wolters Kluwer Limited electronic product is subject to the terms of the license agreement applicable to that product. Please select a product below to access the End User License Agreement for review.
  Wolters Kluwer TAA Support Site Terms of Use
  Cantax T1, T2 and Suites
  Cantax FormMaster
CCH iFirm
  CCH iFirm (includes CCH iFirm Taxprep)
  Developer Sandbox Environment
CCH Accountants’ Suite
  CCH Engagement
  CPA Engagement Templates
  CCH ProSystem fx PDFlyer
  CCH ProSystem fx Practice Management
  CCH Scan
  CCH Site Builder
IntelliConnect & AnswerConnect
  IntelliConnect & AnswerConnect
  Personal Taxprep
  Corporate Taxprep
  Taxprep for Trusts
  Taxprep Forms
  XCM Services Agreement