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Date : 2018-Déc.-13
AliForm Portal Authentication Process

* This e-mail is for AliForm Portal users only.


With recent rises in tax-related identity theft and phishing attacks, we want you to know that we take your information security seriously. Therefore, we have decided to increase the security level for passwords to access the AliForm Portal for all users starting with version 2019 1.0 of AliForm, which is scheduled to be released in December 2018. Passwords will now have to comply with the following validation criteria:
  • Contain between 8 and 32 characters; and
  • Include characters from at least three of the following categories:
    • an uppercase letter;
    • a lowercase letter;
    • a digit;
    •  symbol such as !@#$%?&*()_+ÀÈÇ.

You will be prompted to modify your password the first time you log in to the AliForm Portal in version 2019 1.0 of AliForm if it does not comply with these criteria.

Protecting your personal information and that of your clients has never been so important, and we believe that this change will help you reach this objective.

Should you have any questions or if you require help, e-mail our Technical Support Centre at csupport@wolterskluwer.com or call 1-800-268-4522.

Wolters Kluwer Canada