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Date : 2014-Avr.-10
Message with regards to the Heartbleed vulnerability

Is the “Heartbleed” bug security vulnerability affecting my
Wolters Kluwer CCH application?

We have received queries from our customers, asking if any Wolters Kluwer CCH services or functionalities are impacted by the Heartbleed security vulnerability, which has recently been globally publicized.

After validation with our IT specialists, who performed tests as a preventive measure, we can confirm that at this time none of the software products or Web sites built by Wolters Kluwer CCH are impacted by this vulnerability. For a very small set of products for which we depend on third parties for execution, we have taken all necessary steps to ensure security. Customers of those products have received relevant communications directly.

We are committed to keeping our software products secure from these types of malicious attacks. We are closely monitoring the evolution of the situation and we will inform you of any change in a timely manner.

For more information on Heartbleed, consult the following Web site: http://heartbleed.com.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the support team by e-mail at support@cch.ca.