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Date: 2019-June-14
Data security – TLS 1.2 Protocol

Dear Customer,

Data security is a top concern for accountants. Data security is also a top concern for Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting North America. We continue to work diligently to address security issues that may impact our solutions and partner with our customers in the ongoing effort to help secure your data.

Accordingly, we wanted to share some important information and reminders regarding safeguarding your organization’s data and your client’s personal information.

As communicated before, TLS 1.2 is now the only SSL/TLS protocol we are supporting. To ensure that the integration between Taxprep products and CCH iFirm continues to work properly, you will need to upgrade your Microsoft® .Net Framework to version 4.6.2 or higher before mid-July 2019 and install the most recent versions of Taxprep products. If you also need to use the integration between CCH iFirm and Taxprep with previous versions of Taxprep products, please contact our technical support team (see contact details below). Note that not updating the Microsoft .Net Framework version will only have an impact on the integration between CCH iFirm and Taxprep, but we recommend all customers to proceed with that upgrade as it contributes to implementing the most up-to-date data security best practices.

For further information, see the Microsoft .NET Framework page ( The update will take approximately ten minutes, depending on your hardware.

Please feel free to contact our technical support team by phone at 1-800-268-4522 or by e-mail to if you have any questions.


Wolters Kluwer Canada